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CREA works to provide vital educational resources to kids and teens in rural Nicaragua. As the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the average grade level completed in the rural communities is only 3rd. In a collaboration between Lake Washington Tutoring and CREA, kids and teens are receiving the critical support essential for acheiving their dreams of graduating high school and attending university.

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Sarah Leonard, Seven Points Prep President & Founder, has been traveling the world in search of an educational partnership to benefit local children and their community. Upon visiting rural Nicaragua, she discovered CREA and is ecstatic to be developing a math literacy program which will aim to improve students' knowledge and retention of the subject.

Sarah has traveled to Nicaragua 4 times in the past 2 years, is a member of the CREA Advisory Committee, and meets with the Executive Director twice a year in Seattle. Sarah will be traveling back to Nicaragua in December to deepen her commitment to the organization and the students it benefits. Seven Points Prep is excited to support this relationship with CREA and hopes to ultimately inspire its own students' involvement in the improvement of global education for years to come.