Lake Washington Tutoring is now Seven Points Prep!

Don’t worry, everything’s the same, except our name.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

Our Mission

Seven Points Prep is a company devoted to cultivating students' potential and success. Our mission is to help students develop academic independence, intrinsic motivation, and the confidence and skills needed to navigate through school to evolve into competitive college candidates and students.

We Are Different

All of our tutors are highly-qualified, caring, and dedicated to our Mission Statement. Our students often find their tutor as a mentor who can foster a productive relationship that challenges the student to grow. We educate the whole student by providing academic coaching that goes beyond memorization. We work to develop the student's study habits, test-taking strategies, and organization skills to help them master the basics. Some of our tutors can also work with students who have anxiety surrounding school or test-taking.

We know each student is an individual with different needs. We tailor your education growth plan to you! Whether this means working in group sessions or individually, or in your home or our office. We also provide tutoring in the place that works best for you or your student. We will give your student the tools he or she needs to progress academically. We want each student to feel proud of their academic success!

Why Seven Points? A letter from our President and Founder

Thanks for asking! Way back in 2001, still a college student, I started my very first tutoring business. Since then, I have owned small tutoring companies in Southern and Northern California and most recently in Seattle. Now, we are expanding to the Chicagoland area, where I grew up and where my mom has a tutoring company of her own. Together, my mom and I are working to serve even more students than ever before.

It was important to me to decide on a name that encompassed the heart of our mission, which is to empower personal and academic growth in students so that they can achieve their highest goals and beyond. After almost 5 years and hundreds of hours seaching domains, we finally decided on Seven Points, named after the ceiba tree, which grows in Central America.


The ceiba tree, used by locals to navigate, has roots that point North, East, South and West, while its branches point up to the sky and its roots are grounded into the earth below. Although these six points of growth are critical to the trees survival, the locals believe that the most important point of growth is the seventh point - growth from within.

Similarly, Seven Points Prep is here to help you and your child navigate their educational journey, cultivating growth from within for wherever he, she or they may go.

Thank you for choosing us to be a guide on that journey and welcome to our community.


Sarah Renz Leonard, MA
President and Founder
College Admissions Counselor